Dino Watt is the Tony Robbins of Creating Company Culture. He combines entertainment, emotion and uncommon sense.” 

- Influencive Magazine

"Nothing will ruin a great team member faster than watching you tolerate a bad one!"

Stress, infighting, gossip and mistrust are all methods your team is using to say, "FIX OUR TEAM, NOW!"

If you are looking to enhance your influence as a leader, unify your team around a common vision and magnify your company culture, look no further than 'The Fixer", Dino Watt.

What People Are Saying About Working With Dino

Dr. Stuart Frost

Frost Orthodontics

“Dino Watt is a pioneer! His vision and unrelenting quest to help practitioners grow their practice and help them work less and enjoy life more is his passion. He is at the forefront of new technology and leading the charge of change within the dental industry. He is the real deal.”

Dr. Jason West

The West Clinic

“It was a fantastic investment. We increased our revenue by $437K but we did that while working 52 days less in the year. What was also neat was how much it transformed every other part of my life. I'm a better communicator as a husband. I'm better as a problem solver. I'm really grateful for Dino. It was a fantastic experience.”

For over a decade, Dino Watt has been helping companies all over the world create more passion in how they show up every day, be more productive in the office and create more profit in all areas of their life. He’s one of the most exciting business trainers with audiences crying with laughter and screaming with excitement during events. He's the author of the #1 Best-Selling books, The Practice Rx and Hire, Fire Like a Boss, and Selling Through the Screen. Yet, his most important accomplishment is that of a self-proclaimed P.H.D.- Passionate Husband and Dad. 

Your team members wake up every day to make your dream of business ownership come true. Are you ready to answer the call as they scream, "Fix our team, Now!"?

Is your office culture Toxic, thriving or somewhere in-between?

Take the Office Culture Quiz now so that you can learn how to 

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